By incorporating CBD into your nightly routine, you can go a long way toward helping yourself consistently and reliably unwind, sleep well and start the next day feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


CBD for Relaxation and Sleep

According to a Brightfield Group and HelloMD survey, almost 60 percent of those taking CBD today report taking it to help them sleep, and it’s no wonder why.

CBD is a crucial contributor to the body’s ability to maintain a state of homeostasis that promotes a healthy and regular pattern of sleeping and waking, also helping to restore steady blood flow, improve breathing and regulate body temperature. Most importantly, CBD products like MD Organix contain no THC, the mind-altering part of marijuana, eliminating the possibility of psychoactive effects interfering with your ability to calm your mind and get to a relaxed state conducive to falling and staying asleep.


CBD for Relief and Skin Care

If discomfort is part of the reason why you have trouble unwinding and falling asleep, CBD can help you find relief and restore the comfort in your body necessary to calm your mind for a full night’s rest.

MD Organix also offers a CBD Pain Cream that not only provides these benefits but also helps moisturize your skin, another beneficial part of any healthy and complete nightly ritual.


CBD + Melatonin

For even greater sleep aid benefits, try taking another known natural sleep aid with your CBD, that being melatonin. Like the class of neurochemicals to which CBD belongs, melatonin is a neurochemical already produced in the human body and, like CBD, melatonin is associated with calming and relaxing effects on the body and brain. The body’s production of CBD and melatonin alike, however, can be interrupted, diminished, or simply insufficient for any number of reasons, whatever the cause requiring additional quantities to produce their intended effects. By supplementing the body’s natural supply of CBD and melatonin together, you can naturally help your body and mind to unwind at night and settle you in for deep and restful sleep. MD Organix new CBD Softgels with Melatonin give you the benefits of the two proven natural sleep aids melatonin, and CBD combined. Another option for using CBD as part of an effective nightly routine is with MD Organix organic curcumin supplement with CBD.