Stress is a serious health problem that can produce other mental challenges, direly impact blood pressure and other vital signs, damage arteries, and cause nausea. There are many ways to help reduce stress and ease the mind by making small changes to your daily routine. Here are some simple day-to-day tasks to help elevate and promote a happy & healthy mind.


Pair CBD with Meditation

Two all-natural solutions for stress, CBD and meditation can work even better together than either one on its own. CBD is known to help regulate many essential elements of physiological homeostasis, including breathing, body temperature, and blood flow, all of which are beneficial for more effective meditation. Moreover, CBD interacts with the stress receptors in the brain, thereby helping to calm and clear the mind. This, in turn, supports those functions of meditation to achieve greater calm, clarity, and focus. The use of medicinal hemp oil can help foster a state more conducive to effective meditation.


Use CBD for Sleep

Regular restful sleep every night is essential for maintaining the body’s natural circadian rhythms, an indispensable component of managing stress. As an organic sleep aid, CBD can help promote improved sleep, including falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper and for more extended periods. Similar to how CBD benefits meditation, the effects of CBD on regulating homeostasis, calming the mind and improving mood can also help a relaxed state more conducive to healthier patterns of sleep.


Go for a Walk

It might sound simple, but a walk can benefit the mind in numerous ways. Leave the cellphone at home and spend some time breathing the fresh air, whether in your neighborhood or on a local trail. In today’s world our minds are constantly running a million miles a minute and taking time to refresh can improve mentality as well as boost motivation.

All of these methods to reduce stress also work well together and support each other. For example, by pairing CBD with meditation, you are better poised to benefit from using CBD for sleep, and vice-versa. Likewise, by taking a walk and clearing your mind you can more easily and effectively enjoy the benefits of CBD for meditating and improving sleep. Similarly, many people use yoga as a movement-based form of meditation, which may also ease physical pain and discomfort.