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We understood that the lack of compliance requirements in the marketplace has led to the creation of many Organic Hemp-Derived CBD products that are substandard to mediocre at best. As a result, we here at MD Organix felt the need to set the standard in developing and providing the marketplace with the finest high quality Hemp-Derived CBD Oil products in the Nation.

To attain this, we understood the need to partner with some of the greatest minds in the industry.  To accomplish this, we vetted out numerous potential partners regarding the cultivating, growing, extracting, and product formulation of our final product. The result was a partnership with the quintessential suppliers and formulators of Hemp-Derived THC Free CBD Oil products in the Country.  

The formation of these partnerships enabled our founding Compound formulary Pharmacist to correspond at a high level with an expert team of laboratory analysts, chemists, formulators, and extractors.  The development of these relations enabled us to facilitate the production of the highest quality Hemp-Derived CBD Oil products available to the market.


Our Signature Program

Our Signature Program…

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