One of the most common and prevalent questions people ask about pure hemp-derived CBD is how much to take. Answering this question is essential to effectively reap the desired benefits of CBD. Determining how often you should use pure CBD for any given purpose is a matter of finding the right amount to take for you to achieve the specific desired effects, and how often to take it to maintain those effects. In other words, it’s a matter of dosage and timing.



The best way to begin using CBD for any new purpose is to start with the smallest dose and wait a short while to see if you notice any effects. If you haven’t achieved the desired result in some time, take a bit more, be it another CBD softgel, another squirt of tincture from a dropper or a couple more hemp gummies, and proceed this way until you find the right dose. The next time you take CBD for these same purposes, you could either start with that dose or break it up into increments dispersed over a short period. Anytime you want to use CBD for a different purpose, start this process from the beginning, as the proper dose of CBD (to achieve certain benefits) may differ significantly from the appropriate dosage for you to achieve other benefits.



As the incremental method described above shows, in addition to the proper amount of CBD for achieving any given benefit, the appropriate timing of those dosages is also essential. Since CBD has a generally calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body, many people find nighttime the best time to use CBD, such as those who use it for sleep. Others, however, who use CBD for different purposes may find other times more appropriate for using CBD.

The key in all these cases and all other uses of CBD is to time your dosages according to your specific needs and objectives at the time.